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There is so much happenings that happened last week , I don't even have time to blog about things ... anyways I have tons of pictures to upload , and some I'm still waiting from other sources ( for food promo , valentines day ... and my law role plays ) , so this post is going to be just a short one about yesterday and no pics to upload cause I'm too lazy to take em ... =D

Yesterday woke up at 11+ thanks to daniel's wake up calls and messages , went to bev's house to meet her and wait for her to get changed ... then we went to Sunway Pyramid to meet Daniel & Wai...Had Carls Jr for brunch ( just because Daniel dreamt about it and Bev craved for it ) lol... then we walked around..bought some books ... accompanied Bev to cut her hair...and then something happened at the car park =D Someone went back home with lost ticket ( poor thing ) and then came back to meet us for movie . Bought our movie tickets which is The Pink Panther ... 7 of us watched was awesome ! Laughed so much throughout the entire movie because it was just so dumb... Paris is just so beautiful as ever =) The cinema was so packed when we entered because we're late =P Thanks to 3 people , which is me .. Bev and Daniel .. because we're still enjoying sipping our teas and forgot the time..hahaha but when we reached the cinema , suprisingly ... the other bunch is even later than us! Still buying their popcorns and us delayed but luckily we're not late for the movie .

Later that day , after movies we're undecided where to eat our end up the guys went to the arcade to play games ... while Bev and I went to Jusco to meet up with Denise and her cousins . Then we went back to the arcade , met Kyle on his way to the cinema . Then the guys decided to go Asia Cafe for dinner/supper/drinking session ... so off we all go to the carpark . Amazingly , hahaha someone lost his car! haha ... and we're like turning in rounds and 3 floors of car park before we found the car ... got in the car , seated and relax ... and someone LOST HIS TICKET AGAIN! then in the end Daniel found it =D ... that got us delayed for 20 minutes for dinner .

Had a really great time with 11 others at Asia Cafe ...then Kyle came to join us after his movie... seated until around 1am when Kyle's driver finally reached and we all went home .

Hmm , I wished to blog further bout other stuffs but I guess I better start revising my french now , having assesment tomorrow ... Tatas =)

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