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Saturday, February 7, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

So , I haven't been blogging as regular as I used to , I know it's only the 3rd day ... but yeah so much happened in 3 days .

Firstly , my school was on fire on wednesday . Lol...I was having my 3rd beverage assesment ( the same paper ) for the third time and yet up till this time I still have yet to make it for that paper .
1st time - problem with the paper
2nd time - chicken pox mc
3rd time - fire

So basically , that night we have serving class and out of 15 people only 8 confirmed coming , after the fire? only 4 went for the class! Hahahahaha 1 manager and 3 servers =P ( all the guys) even the bartender went home with me .

Next day , is the day we started promoting our food promotion officially , with 2 toga mascots ... gawd I like them because they're really sporting with all the make ups walking around the school..hahaha...funny..and terrence really looked like a girl!!

So yesterday , I had financial math and analysis assesment. Don't know if I'll do well though , I missed this class like..4 times when I was having chicken pox ...and basically I missed the whole first and second chapter . Anyways , It wasn't that bad I thought because I did my revision and I thought I managed to catch up . Not until that morning , my class supposed to start at 9.30am..until 11am and its a one an a half hour paper . So supposedly , the whole period is about the exam , but the lecturer came in like one hour late! and she only let us do the paper for 45 mins! Which , I didn't have enough time to finish up my 3rd question . Well , a lot of people is mad ... who wouldn't? and yet she's forcing us to hand up the paper or she won't mark it ! ... sigh.
The worst part , she asked us to apologized to our french lecturer for taking up 15 minutes of her lesson time . WTH okay.

Enough about that , then I had Law discussion on assignment ... and it's our 2nd discussion so far , to our lecturer did a mistake and announced that , the presentation date will be next wednesday onwards , not friday..we were like..OMG..where got time and stuffs..sigh...but we got to live with it..

Then it was raining heavily when I got home at myself ready and left at 5+pm to Midvalley with Mary to meet my dear friend , Shaun . It's been a while since I last met him , about a year +? He's a sarawakian...but went to New Zealand since young and I only get to meet him like 2 times..haha , well our friendship is just ... weird . Met his girlfriend too , 2 years older than us but yeah she's quite silent all the time . Had dinner at Secret Recipe and walked around Midvalley before going home at 10+pm.

Reached home at 11+pm ... then onlined until 12+am...then Loh suggested why not we go out for a drink . So I said Okay so off to Asia Cafe we go . Asked Daniel to come along...left around 3+am and head to Alif Mamak ... seated there until 6+am then I reached home . Oh well .

Slept until 12+pm , got a phone call from dear sister , Beverley ... very nice of her to call me to check on me . Woke up , and decided to go out with her ... so we came to Sunway Pyramid and we had our brunch at Sakae Sushi...yes I had Sushi twice in less than 12 hours =D awesomeness I get to eat my soft shell crab again . yumms . Okay , and I received an email , asking me to find more sponsorship on behalf of my team ! AH.....where to dig more contact? & so far I've got rm650 in cash...and we have like 1k in cash now in total .

Went to the bookstore and got myself 2 books , a party planner and a novel . Now seated here at Starbucks online and relaxing...thinking what to do later .

Should I go to Pavillion with the guys for dinner?

Should I go to MOS with Kelvin?

Should I just stay for dinner and movies with Beverley ?

I'm so undecided.


Received a call and decided .

"Thanks for nothing ."


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