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Tuesday, June 19, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

Okay its like ages since I've last blogged ! Many new happenings , I don't even remember what happened like well...small things like yumcha and all I dont remember already ..hahaha... I feel like blogging but my desktop crashed so I'm sending it to the shop to reformatte later .

I collapsed yesterday for no reason . My head bangged the wall . Next thing I know , I thought I couldn't wake up , I wanted to cry but I can't because it really hurts . Now it has a hidden bruise . Very super pain I can't even sleep well . My left knee has a huge bruise too . So is my left arm . Aih .

Jeremy came over yesterday to see how am I doing after knowing that I , collapsed and had all the bruises on me now . He rubbed my bruises REAL was hurting damn much somemore...then we boiled eggs and he start pressing my head bruise EVEN HARDER , it feels like I'm gonna explode because its really damn painful .. I can't help but keep screaming . Yes , He keeps laughing and said DONT MOVE!!! Hahaha funny moments!

I will update about the past when I get all the pictures ready and all .

Sigh .


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