Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Trip
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Yes the Zoo Trip pictures as I've promised .

Went to the Lok Kawi Zoo ( Half an hour car trip from KK City to Lok Kawi ) with my family and my relatives who came from Sandakan during school holidays . Well , not like I have school =X...hahaha the zoo is still new and only will have its opening ceremony next week , by then they will add sun boar and giraffes in I guess . Saw a few types of animals le , mainly birds , deer , leopards , fox , elephants , rhino , monkeys ...etc etc ...

pictures =D

The entrance before buying the tickets to enter the park . Well the park itself is really huge , I remembered walking more than 4kms that day .

Parrots are beautiful =)

Lazy bum ! Apparently , the leopards also showed me the same pose you know , I had no chance of taking a better pose of them ! Not like I can go to the other side of the cage to take their pic ! And the leopard pic I took can't really see the face , only ass ... So sad =(!

Beautiful ain't it? The quality of some pictures might not be as good though , every picture I zoomed from a really really far angle and some pictures I took with my handphone because my camera battery died .

Few of the signboards you may see along the way , I don't think I too k all of it though , remembered still got a lot I didn't take =P

Tiny monkeys XD

Orang Utans ...


On the way into the Aviary ... chains everywhere... scary , but oh well Nice =))

I actually put a white box there to focus the hornbill , but I guess It's too dark to see =(

The peacock ...

Squirrel ... see the tail so straight! I wish I can touch it...lol

Rhino ... I thought it died =P and then when I was zooming I saw it moved a bit ...

A rest place in the middle of the zoo ... not to forget around the zoo there are many small stalls selling foods and drinks , and because the weather is super warm ... most of the people will stop by at these stalls to get something to cold them down ...

See someone there ... disturbing only =X

I love this pic!

" We hold our rich natural heritage IN TRUST for our future generations"

Deer ...

Different Deers...

Inside the botannical garden... Well actually there's more to see inside , but it's all about plants...and I didn't take any pictures of plants inside =X ... and one of the ranger briefted us that IF YOU'RE LUCKY... you get to see the world most beautiful butterfly , and there's only ONE ... I repeat , ONE! in the WHOLE GARDEN! and the garden itself is HUGE! i mean it's huge , like when its dark you think you might get lost anytime ... Very hard to spot that butterfly le! I myself didn't get to see it ... =( But coincidencely that ranger , after working there for like a few months was really lucky that morning , he saw the butterfly for the first time and he managed to take a picture of the butterfly and he showed me how it looked like ... It was Black ... and its body has green colour patterns on it ...ITS REALLY BEAUTIFUL ... the butterfly is named "Raja Brooke"...

You will see alot of this inside the botanical garden ... see the bushes around it? How to spot Raja Brooke? =(

There is also places for you to sit down and rest along the way le , got a special place for picnic also inside the botanical garden ... and water pipes is everywhere ! It's so easy to get free water to clean your hand or your feet when you're inside ...

My advice is when you go there ,

wear short pants!

Reason is? By the time you finish walking the WHOLE PLACE... it's like already dunno how many KMs of walk and if you're wearing a jeans , confirm all sweaty one =DD

wear T shirts!

Very warm you know! After everything you felt like you just bathed ( as in sweats and all that ) and then climbed the Bukit Padang small hill ( when you're in the botanical garden which makes you sweat even more) =P

wear Sport shoes instead of slippers!

Because its really slippery inside the botanical garden , eventhough its not raining . and if it's raining , you imagine yourself =P Not to mention , the amount of ants inside , huge red ones , tiny red ones ... they're poisonous! Imagine if they bite you ... you might end up having really swollen legs and have to visit the doctors and if your condition worsen , you might end up losing your leg (My experience ) . And you might never know if you end up "lucky" meeting with snakes and all that... Ha !

wear a cap , or bring an umbrella ...

most of all bring water la! If not exhausted there! Hahaha

Ticket is MYR 10 for local citizens ( Malaysians) ... MYR 20 (tourists)
MYR Free for senior citizens ( age 60 and above)
MYR Free for children below 5 or something...
MYR Free for children who comes with school uniform ( come with school )

And you will be given a map . =D

I had fun that day , I want to go again someday!


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