Got it!
Wednesday, June 6, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

I got my "IT" hahaha finally , 2 days since I had it , loving it . My HP Pavillion TX 1000!

Wanna know the specification? Go google it! Hahaha

Tried the wifi at Coffee Bean 2 days ago with Jeremy , Bev and Leslie ... accidently met Kevin Jenn then met another friend of mine , Shu ying .

Then next day I spent my day watching One Litre of Tears with Bev again , she came to my house to hang out and we cried while watching! It's so touching! My 2nd time watching it and I still can cry!

Today spent the day going out with Bev again ... went to umm..Likas because Bev wanted to buy stationary and eat there . Met Cikgu Azharni and Cikgu Zainabee there , talked to them and they actually so NICE to us out there compared to in school =X They even asked us to join them makan eh ... so so weird...but we declined =P

After that went to WM to pick Wendy up before going to YoyoDamai yim cha . Jeremy and Shum came after to join us . Later on Mark joined us . We had fun talking and laughing all the way for a few hours without realising the time past so fast! Then , we decided to go Warisan Square and out of nowhere Melvin joined us too . Had no where to go so we just sat down at Yogurberry and talked again till we decided to go home .

Thats pretty much what happened today . Fun times =))


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