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Monday, June 4, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

Sigh , can't update my blog with pictures from the zoo yet today . My camera battery died . So , now charging ... perhaps tommorow then can update . =))

Yesterday was spent going out AGAIN ! I'm like going out everyday lately ... from morning till midnight that is ... and having lack of sleep due to sleeping late and waking up early ... which leads to headaches and backaches!

Went to Church yesterday morning and then to KK plaza . KK plaza changed a lot since I last went there , which is like dunno how many months? or perhaps a year? More and more shops and people shop there already . Didn't walk much though , rushed home to pick mum up and then head to grandma's hse to celebrate my cousin's bday .

Lil cousin Trevor's 3 Years old birthday! Boy , he was so cute . & Honestly I HATE HIS SISTER! She was like standing in the middle when its supposed to be her brother's place to blow the birthday cake . That's not it! She pushed her birthday brother to ground and sabotage his cake ! She blew the candles...she cutted the cake... licked the cake knife , licked the cake icing ... =X after seeing all this ... my cousin Joanne 7 I almost can't picture ourself eating the cake ! Gah , she's a monster . Moreover , she runs around hitting people...jumping on people ... and BITE PEOPLE! Talk about a hyper-active little girl like her ! I don't want a baby like her next time man!

After grandma's house went home and then went out to Bowlrama to meet Jeremy and Melvyn along with Bev & Leslie . Sat there and there's this 2 little girl which is annoying called all of us uncle and aunty! so WTH LA! GAHH!!! Then followed Jeremy to send Melvyn home and I saw Rainbow! <3!! I'm so lucky ! The night before yesterday I saw fireworks... and yesterday I saw rainbow! =DD Then went to Cathay to buy ticket for POC 3 ... Finally I get to watch it! It was nice && FUNNY at the same time! Then went to CP & Warisan to eat and shop before going to the cinema . I enjoyed the movie well until someone behind me like keep pulling my hair or something ... ANNOYING... and then someone behind has this stinky feet...IT SMELLS KAY! even Bev and Leslie smelled it ... we almost puke!

& Yes I'm going out again later ... going to collect my "IT" =DD Gah can't wait le!!

having headaches now . Update later buhbye =)


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