I'm Happy .
Sunday, June 3, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

My life just seems to get better each day =))

Loving it right now =DD

My days was spent going out with Mary , Leslie & Bev . Friday night that is . Went to Yoyo Damai to have a drink and then ended up at Eric's house because we've got nothing to do and places to go . In the morning I was out shopping with family again . Brought a new pair of Hush Puppies formal wear shoe .

Yesterday morning was spent Umm..AT THE ZOO! Hahaha ... It was hella fun! Will update more about it later . After everything I planned to go out with Bev, somehow I was homealone ended up I almost can't go out because I lost my keys . Luckily I found my dad's key in the cupboard ... =P ...and then went to Bowlrama to meet Jeremy and His friends ... before going to have lunch nearby . It was really hard to find a place to eat because it was already 4pm and it's public holiday~! All the shops close so darn early! ... and then went back to Bowlrama ... sitted there thinking where to go , lastly end up going to Krishnan Curry House with Jeremy , Bev & Shum . We had a nice time chit-chatting there talking about the old times =)). Night was spent at Jesselton Point with Bev , Jeremy , Leslie & Mary . Talked about a lot of stuffs again ... Talking about fun times =)). Suprisingly before going home got fireworks! It was beautiful <3 I love fireworks! Heheheh =P Will update somemore about zoo later on , for now I'm off to church =)

Thanks for the memories <3

I'm happy! =P


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