Thursday, May 31, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

Hey guys , sorry lately didn't update le . Been busy with life again . My life so far so good.

Somehow getting better in some ways =))

Thanks for being there for me when I need you guys! You knew who you are ...

I can't wait to have "it" tommorow .

To touch "it" . =P

Was out again with family to Warisan Square to meet my relatives who came from Sandakan . Later that Bev & Leslie went to Warisan Square to meet me . Met Nadiah around there too . And also a couple of other friends . Went to YogurBerry and tasted the yoghurt...its nice =)!

Next went to a friend's hse in Telipok . My 1st time there visit her hse . And then went to Bev's hse to hang out while waiting for Jeremy to pick me up before going to his house . Had KFC for dinner... and then went Up2you cafe for a drink . Drank Apple Ice tea . Boy , it tasted like...some tobacco drink . Very very sweet , as if I'm smoking shisha . Very hard to swallow le . Felt really really "fat" after having all these today . =X

Apple Iced Mint

Sigh , Lazy edit the pictures le . =D

I'm full !

Sigh . Can't sleep again de loh .


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