Equator Coffee , Sandakan
Friday, February 17, 2012 // 1 comment(s)

Once again I am finally back in the blogmosphere after taking another hiatus from posting about my daily life and events. 

Anyways, today I would like to share about my recent trip to Sandakan during the recent Chinese New Year that went by.

Firstly, I would like to introduce this little cafe in Sandakan called Equator Coffee. Well, many of us already knew that Sandakan is one of the best place where we can find fresh and reasonably priced seafoods around Sabah. However, most of the time Sandakan folks have nowhere else to go as in shopping mall to do shoppings due to the fact that it is still a small city after all thus, most of their time will be spent sitting down chit-chatting with their friends in a cafe during noon time and most importantly, during the weekends.

see the amount of people in the cafe during noon time. 
we were there at 3pm and had to wait for tables for about 5 minutes.

I must say I love their Carrot Cheesecake among all , its rich yet sweet and not to heavy to my liking.

If you like something rich and you can tolerate bitterness then their Tiramisu is the one for you. 

 If you want something lighter in taste and a lil- sourish then the Lemon Cheesecake is the one for you!

For a rich yet, very sweet taste type of cake your best bet will be the rich dark moist chocolate cake. 

However, if you dislike having cakes because of its high content of fats they also do provide Tuna sandwiches. 

Had the chance to sample all their available cakes on that day! 

They serve drinks too of course, all kinds of coffees and hot chocolates, teas and more!

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate , awesome taste and love the fragrance!

Ice blended coffee

I highly recommend anyone who goes to Sandakan to try out this cafe, not only for its cozy ambience but also for its cakes :) 

MON-SAT: 11AM - 11PM
SUN: 12NOON - 10PM

LOCATION: Bandar Indah , Sandakan
TEL: +60 89 210517

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Anonymous Anonymous said on February 18, 2012 at 8:17:00 AM GMT+8  

Dear Lily Missy Blurry,

Great post!!!!! But i would like to mention that the name of the place is called Equator Coffee Sandakan not Ecuador... lolz!!! But my Uncle, Uncle Vincent, the owner of the place, thank you for your wonderful post and hope to see you soon at the coffee house~~


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