Sennheiser - Early Christmas :D
Tuesday, November 22, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

Look what came in today :)
an early Christmas present from the Boyfriend :D

According to him,
he has been wanting to get me one since forever because the Apple earphone I used previously has no mic,
and it absorbs all the noisy background sound so its kinda annoying.
It got me wondered how he stand the noise all these while. 
I can't even stand annoying sound more than 2 seconds.

Oh well :)

we both are happy after trying it out this afternoon through all the annoying updates from my parts,
finally it works well and improved the sound quality :D

thankyousomuch! :)


On a totally unrelated note,

revamped my blog with a simple layout and banner today.

Determined to start blogging again but perhaps not too soon,

we shall see.

Till Then.

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