Forlino Restaurant Sunday Brunch @ One Fullerton, Singapore
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That Sunday morning was a lovely laid-back Sunday and also the day we bid each other adios. Just perfect to how I would want to spend my weekends, just chilling and relaxing even if it meant just doing something simple. Bryan and I had breakfast at Burger King. No idea why we had burger king that morning, but just merely after 1 hour of burger king we had brunch at Forlino with my sister and Alan. Imagine how much we both can eat!

Forlino is a classic Italian fine dining restaurant that is located at One Fullerton, or better known as the Fullerton Hotel Building just across Marina Bay Sands which has the most awesome-st view of the iconic Esplanade building, Singapore City Center and of course the Singapore Flyer. 

The Forlino restaurant seats only 80 persons and it's chef Patron Mario Caramella is the pioneer to his signature style of cuisine which combines classical Italian flavors and ingredients with contemporary presentations and modern cooking techniques. He focuses on bringing the  "timeless" appeal of his homeland cooking to the world.  - by means food that undergone intense preparation and of highest quality and to be partaken only on special occasions as an integral to a memorable meal.

Indeed, the food did not disappoint at all. 

First to serve on the table was, 
this bread on our side plate.
I love how the texture looked like, golden and crispy yet fresh, bread.

Next came our appetizers which consists of the ever oh so delicious ;

 Pan Roasted Goose Liver with Apricot Sauce - better known as Foie Gras
3-Years Old Finest Parma Ham with Cantaloupe Melon
 Blue Crab Tomato Salad with Champagne Vinegar 
 Tagliolini with Cod, Chilli and Turnip Tops
 Crispy Fried Prawns and Calamari

I love the Foie Gras the most among all, its like the best thing I ever had in my mouth. It just melts inside your mouth the moment its in your mouth I can't even describe it.

I enjoyed the Parma Ham and Crispy Fried Prawns and Calamari but to me it ain't anything really different from what I have tasted before.

I did not like Blue crab tomato salad with champagne vinegar because I just dislike vegetable salad but I tried the crab and it was good too! :)

The tagliolini with Cod, Chili and Turnip Tops was served in a different plate. It was a different kind of pasta among many other pastas that I had tasted because the taste is unlike the usual pastas sauce but rather the ingredients gave the sauce a rather special taste that is unexplainable. I remembered my sis enjoyed it so much she finished up the remaining asparagus on the platter :P 

next came our main courses , which consists of 

 Pan Roasted Halibut Filet with Fennel and Citrus Sauce

I had this and to me the first impression when I looked at it its just like a piece of salted fish being served on my platter but do not let it underestimate its specialty. The Halibut Filet was pan roasted until it has the texture of golden yellow crisp and yet the flesh was still soft and easy in the mouth.

Crisp Duck Leg with Caramelized Shallots and Marsala Wine Sauce

Had bites of the Crisp Duck Leg and the meat was unimaginably soft and tender its so easy to eat and of course the sauce matches the duck leg perfectly as wine sauce are always a good match to meat items.

Wagyu Beef Cheek with Red Wine and Aromatic Potato Mash

Among all the main course, I would highlight the Wagyu beef and reckon is it the best among all that we ordered. Bryan gave me pieces of it and it was our first time having it and I seriously had not idea how tender was a wagyu beef until I got to try it myself and now I truly understand why cows are treated so well just so they are able to produce super tender yet juicy meat. Not to mention, how the marble fats doesn't even give you the goo-ey feeling when you chew it. Now I understand why people would pay such a high price just for such a small piece of this heavenly meat to be serve on their platter.

For desserts, we had their signature dessert which is the 

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Banana Gelato and Rum Sauce

I cannot help it with I see the chocolate melts out of its shell like a lava and quickly put it into my mouth as I felt the warm chocolate melting on my tongue. To mix with the Banana Gelato which tasted like vanilla and the rum sauce just explains why this is their signature dessert.

Chiacchiere was served with coffee and tea after that :)

Does this place looks familiar? Singapore famous blogger Xia Xue had her wedding here.

That's us with our happy-filled-tummy smile.

Until Then.

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