Largest Observation Wheel - The Singapore Flyer, Singapore
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Bryan came down for just a short visit/transit last Saturday. That night we headed to the largest observation wheel in the world - The Singapore Flyer , seriously it is bigger than the London Eye. The view up there was superb breathtaking. Tickets can be purchased online or via the booth counter available there and opt to print it yourself or collect it there. It costs $29.50 per person and we were given a $16 food voucher to use at the food court "Food Trail", thus we decided to just have dinner there after our ride . Since we went up around 9pm, the queue was considered short :/ and the ride took us 30 minutes for a complete circle. The nearest MRT station to get there would be Promenade which is at the yellow line and then you'll have to exit at exit A.

The tickets.

Pictures taken before the flight.

Few pictures taken during the flight.
The view was superbly amazing, and of course the experience of being up there was so different compared to being on the Eye of Malaysia. The observation wheel was more solid build and no one should be afraid of getting up there because its very safe :P ( exception unless if you're afraid of heights teehee). I remembered feeling a little scared going up on the Eye of Malaysia but not this :S

Food Trail's Sugar Cane with Sliced Lemon drink, Fried Oyster Omelette, and Bak Kut Teh. Well, basically this place has a lot of local Chinese foods and it has the theme of the 1920's ambiance to it. Perfect for people who loves to reminisce back to things in the past.  Though it's a bit pricier but that just cause its a tourist attraction area. 

Till Then (:

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