Sandakan - My Rabbit Year Celebration.
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it has been almost a week since my last post!
Was really busy with my assignments and I'm glad all the reading paid off.
Yesterday had my economics presentation and my lecturer's expectation was really high this time.
After our presentation she said my group was really good and that she's impressed, 
and we have also set a new standard of work for the other groups in the future. Teehee, good luck!
And that means,
I have to start cracking head for my Dissertation which I've been saying I needed to start doing but just couldn't find the time to do so :( sigh.

I'm just going to update what happened during Chinese New Year this year because I have limited time.

This year's Chinese New Year was just back to how it was 3-4 years ago I guess.
Long gone the days, since my house actually have open house, it's getting tiring for my mum.
 So she decided not to held an open house anymore and then our new years was spent overseas, or in Sandakan.
Last year I was at Beijing with my family, how fast time flies :/
This year's was spent back at Sandakan,
 uncle's place, went there for 4 days 3 nights,
and it was raining cats and dogs, floods everywhere!

Just some pictures from the trip that I made into collages,

few of the new decorations in the house... love em!

Uncle's house has more toys now compared to before! 
courtesy from the last trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

First night's dinner, got to love that herbal chicken :D so tasty.

First day's best breakfast - the famous siew kut and
Second day's fish noodle was not bad too.
Dinner we had pork knuckles, octopus, prawns , abalones , crabs and pork stew , vege (:
I love home cooked dishes!

checked into D'Northstar Hotel and realized that it was a very good place to stay at. 
Just newly opened, about a week before we were there and it was really nice.
The room was big enough and everything inside was of course still new and was modern looking.
I did not take pictures of the room in general though.

The staffs were all friendly, every time they see you coming at the door or before you leave they'll all greet you.
Even those at the front desks,
 and there's once I came back to the hotel with my dad
and it was pouring heavily, we did not have an umbrella with us, 
the bell man saw me and ran after me to escort with an umbrella to the car , very attentive staff!

had our tea break before uncle's open house on the 3rd day we're there
@ Brew Cottage, located at Prime Square, just behind the hotel we stayed at.
Awesome food and beverages! at really reasonable price!
When we saw the bill, we all couldn't believe the price,
it was only RM50+ for all , and to top it off , no tax at all! 

 Ordered 2 glasses of Hot Chocolate, 1 Apple latte , 1 Nut Cocoa (MUST TRY!), 1 Ice blended Passionfruit , 1 plate of cocktail sausages with crumbs , 1 bolognese spaghetti and Beef burger set
Everything was good, seriously. Even the owner was being very nice, came talking to us and personally stood by the door to greet us goodbye even when the shop was packed.
I will and must go back there next time!

that night was the open house at uncle's place..

ends the update for my trip in Sandakan.
More to come during this weekend!

Till Then!

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