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Saturday, February 19, 2011 // 1 comment(s)

The original Valentine's Day has just went by a few days ago, but as for the Chinese's version of Valentine's Day where they actually throw oranges into the sea  ..
yadayada, you know the drill..
I've actually wondered, do people actually pick them up?
I'm referring to people in Malaysia, since the tradition started in China I bet they do collect it.. 
but in Malaysia it is always a whole different thing.

got this from Mary during her trip to Penang recently,
it's actually the rice art thingy inside the dolphin with my name on it (:

As for me , Valentine's Day has always been just another normal occasion spent with friends (:
this year's was a sad one as I was totally busy spending time with my friends doing assignments and
a dear close uncle of mine has passed away on that day itself. May He Rest In Peace now.
Thus this valentine's day has been really hard on me, and of course to my families too.
Well, apparently the Chinese also believed that the last day of Chinese New Year is the Chinese Valentine's Day.

Which leads to a Chinese dinner with Leslie & I; Mary at my current favorite Chinese restaurant nearby our place, Kong Sai.
I've been there quite often but realized I have never blog anything about this wonderful restaurant.
But, that night we started ordering and had a little bit too much of everything,
took us a while to finish everything, but as usual overall food was good and reasonable for 3 person.

 That fish, is seriously for 5! not for 3! 
and the soup was amazingly good as usual,
 Lotus root and peanut soup , always reminds me of home.
By the time we finished the dishes we already have hard time drinking that 2 bowls of soup :/
But, I really did enjoyed dinner that night.

Besides that,

I also noticed that I have way too much food pictures in my folder which I have yet to upload :/
Partly it is also because one of my assignment now requires me to take pictures of everything I eat,
thus I have a lot of pending food pictures from everywhere and thinking if I should upload them..
but for starters, hmm...

the deliciously cushion soft pineapple tart which is famous in Taipei from Denise and
Home made macaroons by my classmate.
I seriously can't wait to try the macaroons in France. Hope I get the chance to.

which leads to my coming trip on Monday,
I'll be flying off to Dubai on Monday and then France (:
Will be away for sometime, until I'm back,
I will miss my family, and  him (:

my super-uber tired going to collapse soon face and his usual hyper face.

Till Then.

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Blogger Caroline Ng May Ling said on February 19, 2011 at 9:25:00 PM GMT+8  

sorry to hear bout ur uncle, my condolence to u n family. :)

and of course gud luck for Monday too. :D

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