Kuala Lumpur - Luk Yu Tea House, StarHill Gallery
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Last weekend, 
Leslie and Mary accompanied me down to Bukit Bintang area because I wanted to shop around that area,
so before our shopping journey, we headed to Starhill Gallery for our late lunch + tea session.

Chose this particular place after Loh recommended me the night before,
well I wanted to try the other places out too but I shall leave that for next time.

True enough, 
they have this amazing deal for certain dishes at 3-6pm everyday,
which cost only RM3.6 per plate,
and normally will cost you about RM9 and above.

However, what we had here was not entirely RM3.60 each, 
some were from the ala carte menu,
and we actually ordered more than this but they didn't have what we wanted :(

Anyways just for testers, 
we had these...

1) Chicken Siew Mai
2)Baked Yam Puff 
3)Seaweed Chicken Roll
4)Century Egg Roll
5) Lotus Pancake
6)Chicken Porridge
7) Fried Rice Noodle
8) Wan Tan Noodle 
9) Sweet & Sour You Tiao
10) Kam Heong Clams
11) Island Salad Prawn
12) Mixberries Ice Tea
13) Cranberry Mojito

Not in order of the pictures though, well I personally will recommend the Baked yam puff , Century Egg Roll, Lotus Pancake , Kam Heong Clams , Mixberries Ice Tea as their best dishes that I've had.

As for the Sweet & Sour You Tiao its actually " yao cha guai " but cooked with sweet and sour sauce, you know the typical sweet and sour sauce for fish ? yeah it tasted like that. Something different I may say.

And I would say their seafood was one of the freshest you can get in KL, 
I mean you paid for the price, so it should be worth the money and of course it comes with quality and the ambiance, a different dining experience.

Well our total bill came as MYR 80+ including tax.

That's how the shop look like , very oriental like dining area.

Anyways, its worth the try but next time I'm there I wanna try something else (:

Till Then.

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