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Monday, January 24, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

Woo, so it's been a while since I actually updated again.
I've been out pretty often lately during weekends, with Leslie and Mary.
Basically, we're just doing a little shoppings around the malls here and back in kl.

this pics was 2 weeks back I guess, gosh I'm craving for Nandos.

Oh yeah I've managed to met up with Loh and Kelvin two days back, 
though it was just a short night having dinner and visiting the old place - Jaafar later on,
we had a great time catching up, well since everyone is pretty busy now.
I heard some rubbish stories from one of them too about the negative rumors that was spread by someone idiotic to strangers & strangers spread to other strangers, that's how sucky it is.
*Says: long gone to your own dramas boy.
* Now I realised, didn't take pictures with them for some time now!

Aside from that ; 
managed to watch a few more movies: 
Just Wright
The Girlfriend's Boyfriend
I think I love Just Wright & I; The Girlfriend's Boyfriend more but the story line was a tad bit confusing & unexpected.

Put them all aside,
I should be really busy with my internship placement application now,
my coming Chinese New Year break and trip,
and the damn Dissertation due on April 22! Why is it so friggin early?

look out for my next update soon I guess.

Till Then.

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