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A few of my college friends are leaving for good this time
and one of them is of course the girl that I am really close with since I knew her 3 years + ago
in Taylor's. I still remember the day that we said hi and how we end up being so close within these few years
and more importantly, we're from both different places. 

She's from Kuching and I guess it is fated that we're friends as we met in KL and got closer because 
we enjoy each other's accompany all the time whether its in college or the weekends.

We were close to the extend that our parents knew each other's parents, including Denise's 
and we often had dinners together whenever it is possible.

I still remember the day all our parents chit-chatted with each other at Bev's dad shop in KK talking about their pasts while us youngsters gathered at one table at the corner trying to catch what our parents are talking about. Good times :)

How fast time flies.

Bev went back to Kuching right after our higher diploma final exam so I didn't get the chance to see her again until yesterday.

So along with a few others- Denise & SioSen we met up with Ray and Jeff who are also leaving us soon.

Technically, Bev is leaving with Jeff this coming Thursday to Switzerland.
Jeff was there since after Diploma so its good to catch up again. I think he changed a lot.

Ray, who is another friend of mine from Tourism class is leaving to UK in 2 weeks time.

Well it's really sad to see them go, especially when they are so close to you but you know it's also for their own good and you'll always wish them the best.

& because I believe, every hello always ends with a goodbye.

In a way or so,

we will still meet again in the future.

Jeff, Bev & SioSen
Jeff, Denise, Bev & SioSen
Our supposedly a good shot, but Bev end up :P
The girls :) so long since we took picture with Bev.
The one and only picture of us all together , & that's Ray ( 1st right )
that's about it for now (:

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Blogger Denise said on August 30, 2010 at 4:11:00 PM GMT+8  

Yeah i remember all these..amazing how God put us together. =)

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