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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

I miss blogging.
I miss holidays.

Wait scratch that.

It's all impossible now because I'm currently having trial exams.

and it's killing me.

I basically screwed up my sleeping hours + my eating hours.

Just finished another major 5 hours paper today,

the total mark for the paper was 140marks x 7!

and it was freezing cold staying in the MPH from 9am-2pm.

and yesterday I had a 800 words synthesis essay for exams

+ another technical case study paper which took up another 6 hours.

Thank god tomorrow I'm the last one for exam and of course,

I'm turning 21 in few hours time !

I'm not excited at all.

I just wish I don't screw up my exam tomorrow.
Really hoping all is well right now.

time to catch up on sleep before studying.

Till then!


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