June is the month.
Sunday, June 6, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Hello June.

This week has been pretty hectic for me.
Basically, its like the last week for me to enjoy before exams.
and my sis is coming over next weekend, during my trials!

umm, basically spent my entire friday went down to KL.
First, with Mary to Timesquare & Low Yat.
Shopped for a few stuffs ;)

and then came back rushing out with last minute plans to Skybar
with Denise, Bev, Dennis , Loh , Brian , Christina , and Alex.

Had awesome sirloin steak sandwich there and they gave us free fried rice,
which is kinda weird, considering we're at a bar.
I took the pic with my BB, if you saw my tweets you'll know.

and then we went to Maison's.
Had a great time there especially they opened up the stage for guys,
and I kinda tripped and sprained my right ankle again. Twice in a month
but it wasn't that bad cause I'm used to it and the bouncer got me fast. Haha.

Continued dancing the night away and we went to Asia Cafe after so long.
The night ended up pretty "early",
but I miss this kinda fun and I'll definately miss it even more, soon.

the next day,
woke up early and had brunch with the same bunch + Melissa!
she's looking gorgeous with her tongue piercing.
Its like a food day for us.
The guys especially- can't stop eating.

Ming Tien.HerbalTea shop.Carl'sJr.AuntyAnne's.

Betty's was fullhoused when we reached so we went to SS2 after that.
All in that short 8 hours.

and shopping is love.
Got myself new clothes & I shall stop ,
really stop shopping for now.

watched Letters to Juliet too, it was awesome.
everyone went emo during the show , cause its just so sweet.
I really want to visit Casa de Giulietta someday.

Someone just told me,
"My dear, love has no expiration."
exactly what was said in the movie :D haha.
and I know that :)

oh and don't even ask me where are the pictures.
There are lots, but not with me.
I didn't take my cam out these few days and didn't bother to take any.

and today,
am supposed to go out with the bunch again,
but I'm just too tired so I stayed home to do the necessary
with my cousins after brunch.

I am glad that tomorrow is a no-class day.
and its like, 10 more days till I turn 21.

Till then.


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