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Officially 21!

Thanks guys for all the birthday wishes ,
On my Facebook especially ,
MSN , Twitter, Emails & Texts..

I appreciate them all!

Special shout outs to all my friends who waited for 12am
just to wish me and had exams the next day,
you know who you people are.

My parents who countdown-ed till my birthday ,

to all my friends overseas,
who woke up extremely early just to wish me ,
who risked breaching his promise to his gf just to come online to chat with me and
reassure that I got his text,
to the ones that is in college studying and not paying attention
to someone somewhere around the world who technically wished me belated birthday :p
to the one who rushed to wish me even after losing his BB,

to those who wished me like extremely too many times in a day haha

and lastly of course to strangers that text-ed my cell but never tell me who they are.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
Meant a lot to me =)
You guys are the best!


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