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Sunday, May 23, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Decided to post this picture.
am still thinking about others.oh well.

Basically this weekend was kinda a relaxing one for me.
Been procrastinating my days away just watching series , like marathon.
I'm too used to the life of going out every weekends,
I always have the feelings that I want to go out when I'm at home
but at the same time I kinda like the feeling of staying home
just rot, even though I know its unproductive
and it is what I always do when I'm at home
I don't know, sometimes I just got tired of going out.

Oh well. Guess I shouldn't complain its just part of the process.

Oh and today was spent at 1Utama watching a French movie

De L'Autre Cote Du Lit - Changing Sides.

with Sio Sen ( for the first time )
after knowing her for 3 years.
Amazing right.

It was one hell of a good comedy movie.

Among all the French movies that I've watched,
this is one of the best.

Anyways, to end this post...
a picture of my new accessories from Forever21.

I shall continue watching my series.
Monday is still a holiday for me, oh joy.

Till then.


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