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When you have presentations right in front, it just feels so blah.
I get nervous like anybody else during presentations.
I've been in situations whereby I'm so nervous that I almost lost my breathe
and had to hold myself for 2 secs just to breathe and talk properly,
and my friends actually spot red spots form around my arms
and right after that, its gone.

And I admit, I am nervous but not only because I'm always feeling like I'm not prepared.
Which normally is the case, even though I know me & my group mates always scored kinda high marks in our presentation.
Truth is, we're NEVER prepared :)
Cause we know when we just stand right in front, eventually we'll just talk like normal.

But what makes me more nervous is that,
whenever I am there to present,
at times there are bound to be people taking pictures etc ,
you know stalker-ish kinda way.
Sometimes I just don't get it.

It's kinda distracting,
I mean its not like I'm against it but it doesn't help me to focus especially knowing that person did not take any pictures of others but just, you.

Well maybe I'm just sensitive but at times I felt insecure when I'm at college now.
Instead of taking pictures, stalker always tend to notice me when we're in the same class.
When I'm not around , when I skipped class etc , stalker seems to know & texted me about it.

Today I had again, another 2 presentations.
Well it was just a spontaneous one without preparations so I kinda ,
crap a lot as usual.
But thank god my lecturer liked my speech and I was happy till I get
another text from stalker telling me this

" Hey hi your conclusion speech was really impressive. Not nervous at all. That's cool."

I know your good "intentions" but
at that point I just wished you're not my classmate.
cause you're freaking me out,
& I am just going to treat you as invisible like I always do now
& wish you would just stop texting me.


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