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I did not have any classes.
My lecturers were being so nice for canceling our classes & assessments.
So it's all great ,
I'm supposed to meet Sharon & Chrystalle up since she came back from Hawaii.

But I was rather exhausted
Planned to stay home since I had my usual MCD for brunch
I headed out for a quick catch up session with Denise & Beverley at Pyramid
(as if we didn't meet for a long time )
which didn't turn out quite , short I supposed.

End up shopping with Denise since she's preparing for her trip to Turkey ,

but I still couldn't find this
dummy book that I'm looking for.

I think I will tomorrow
since I'm heading down to Midvalley & KL after class
to collect my pay cheque from the old company I trained at
Finally I have the time to do so.
with an ex classmate who came back from Switzerland,
its catch up time again.


we tried this place called ,

Simply Penang

which serves real authentic Penang food ,

I think this place is kinda good , and it was recommended by TV3 before.

So I had this ,

Herbal tea + Rambutan + Grass Jelly

it tasted abit too bitter and minty at the same time
and I didn't really like it.

but nevertheless ,

I finished it.

Oh &
Have you guys like tried Tutti Frutti?

the first time I heard of this place was during my Law paper ,
one of my case study was based on this company.

my lychee yoghurt , with kiwi , watermelon and dragonfruit as condiments.

seriously , its good.

I tried the Pomegranate Yoghurt with Nata De Coco too.

Awesome stuff.

I think its better than Yogurberry in fact.
Well it's just my opinion :P

I'm feeling sick right now ,
I think I had too much of Famous Amos.


p/s : I think I aced my Budgeting Exam today , I'm so happy.


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