Rush Hours.
Friday, March 26, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Today I felt like , 24 hours is really not enough.
I mean , when you're really rushing things.

and time management is the first thing we must all learn.

Had classes till 1pm today.
I felt like I learnt nothing , apart from the French class this morning which we learnt about
" Do you remember your first love? "

and types of " Love "

My lover? Mon Amant?

Yea those lovey-dovey moments.

Then rushed back to old college to print some stuffs , and then down to Midvalley
supposedly to have brunch with Jeff , but in the end ..
rushed to the Penthouse , 27th floor of Midvalley for education consultation.

it was already 2pm by then and we had this appointment at 2.30pm.
Jeff came & joined us after that.

Did everything and rushed down to KL by train at 4pm ,
and I headed to Concorde Hotel , was planning to get them Krispy Kreme doughnuts for my
ex colleagues but it was no longer there.

I wonder what happened to that little kiosks , hmm.

Anyways ,
I end up getting these fine chocolates for them.

no idea whats inside and how many inside the box , I bet there's only 10 or less inside since each tiny pieces cost MYR3.50

Then off I went to the office to get my pay cheque and etc.
Had my brunch at the mamak stalls nearby at 4.30pm ( I mean brunch at that hour , i was a hungry-walking-soul ) , god I miss that place that I had double of what I normally ate :P

Then walked down to KLCC since its nearby , and I finally got my book!
found the dummy book I wanted but end up getting another one which I think is better.
The price also " better " compared to the Dummy book ,
MYR120 :(

Oh I love , love , love Kinokuniya.

Then it was about 5.45pm , Bev and I went to Harrods to check out some stuffs
and we end up having tea break there.

Within 6 Hours we did so much , we seriously deserved the break.

Quench our thirsts.

We love Harrods.
I had another awesome time with Bev.
Its been a while just us both hanging out together.
It was pouring when we came back.
Walked under the rain ,
It never felt better.

Felt so alive.

Heck ,

Till Then.

Happy Weekends People!


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