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Sunday, March 28, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Yesterday I spent my Earth Hour ,
in the car with 5 other amazing human beings.
We were on our way down to KL
but Earth Hour doesn't seem to make much difference in KL this year.

I couldn't recall what I did last year anyways.

But I'm so happy to meet Kelvin again after such a long time!

It was amazing cause he was in the car
and for a moment there I was thinking who is it
until I got in the car and he said " Hi! "

Talk about not meeting a long childhood friend that has changed so much.

We were supposed to go to Jaafar for normal dinner and catch up session
only to found out that the shisha wasn't open till 9pm.

It was like 8pm then , in the end
we decided to head down to Hadramawt

Yes the place that serves the best Arabic and Yemenian food in town.


they have shisha.

Loh ordered for us this Arabic tea , good taste.
It tasted sweet and it was very fragrant.

Well it wasn't the first time there for most of us ...

we ordered juices and guess what?
after we paid the bill ,
we then realised ,
my juice was free :)

this was served with the pita bread , the bread was freaking thick!

Gavin , Bev , Loh

Kelvin , Moi and Leslie

you know time flies fast when you're having a short and enjoyable weekend.

back to reality ,
another one week till finals.
wait , not prepared.

I am so not prepared for it.
Another busy and hell week next week :(


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