Happy Twenty - TEN!
Thursday, December 31, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

I've made the point , to forgive everyone on this day.
to the ones that hurt me in a way or another.
to the ones that took me for granted .
the ones that ...

& I'm asking for forgiveness .
to the ones that I've hurt .
to the ones that I might have took for granted .
to the ones that I've disappointed in a way or another .
to the ones that I didn't get to say goodbye , or even just be there when you needed me.

just wanted to say , eventhough I may have not showed my presence ,
know that I'll always be there when you need me .

The past .
No matter what , I'm moving on .
I'm determined .

Time to fulfill my other dreams.

The present .
I'm sorry if I can't be who you all want me to be.
(because I don't live for people , I live for myself. )
But , I'll try my best to change myself to be a better me .
A wiser one hopefully as I'm turning 21 .
(This goes particularly to anyone out there , my family - friends .)

Thankful .
for every moment . every events . every happenings .
( even the unexpected ones )

I'm glad it made me a stronger person than who I am today .

Though ,
it wasn't easy to get through this year

& if it wasn't for the people that walked into my life ,
( my family , my friends - you guys know who you are )

I won't be who I am today .

So ,

Thanks for the memories .

I'll treasure them all.

Its time to embark on a new journey .

A new beginning & new chapter of life .

It's been a great year .

Happy twenty - ten everyone !

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