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Monday, January 4, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Its a new year .

Got no time to like elaborate all the happenings .

Its mostly in my twitter anyways.

Gotta love all the barbeques , gatherings with love ones , outings , fireworks and of course , FOOD!


I'm not going to post all the food pictures teehee.

Only 3 pictures . Random ones .

Met up with lots of my relatives but I only took pics with the little ones :P

Last minute Pool Party at Bev's place on saturday night

I had tons of fun and met lotsa new faces!

A lot of them their pictures is not here cause they anti-social :P hahaha
*kidding . they just didn't want their face to appear here haha!

and yesterday was spent celebrating my parent's 29 yrs wedding anniversary .

We went to Dome after a super long hours of shopping in a while.

Had an awesome dinner. Dome KK didn't dissapoint compared to Dome KL.



and to all that ended their holidays yesterday ,


and I've yet to start on my report :P
which means - DEAD!
(but I'm not the only one haha!)

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