Language saves life!
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

So I went to watch The Ugly Truth with Bev just now since we needed to find presents and relax a bit , tommorow is last day for exam . Sales & Marketing :S .

Anyways , The Ugly Truth was really awesome . Laughed so much just now I had stomach cramps . Love it , and I don't mind watching it again for the second time .

The main thing I wanted to blog is actually , about language .

Well I'm not trying to be racist here but the "black people" here is always very , annoying and most of them are perverts .

Its like coming down from the lift , or walking around Mentari area they will be staring at you and most of the time , try to get your attention.

I encountered a lot of this , remembered about the "are you married?" conversation , yea not only that one ... last month there was another one ...

Scene 1

It happened when I was in the lift and there was only me and this "black" inside. suddenly "black" turned to me and started talking but I didn't want to be friendly knowing that most of them are perverts you see.

and he started talking and I just ignored the whole time as if I don't understand a single word in english that he is speaking , he asked me tons of questions about my background and I just ignored until he asked me , you don't understand english?

Then I just nod my head and looked away . Like ya watever , and he started saying things like how come you don't understand english ,I knew a lot of chinese girls who go to school like you and they can speak english , you just didn't want to talk to me . <-- Stupid right , he knows already yet still want to continue talking to me .

Then suddenly there was this malay guy who came in the lift , but the black still continue talking and then the malay guy was staring at me as if thinking why is he talking and I'm ignoring him .

So , I just ignored la and went out of the lift , before I went out , he still got guts to ask me , are you going to college? Like hello ? Is that even your concern?


Scene 2

It happened just now . Coincidencely it was raining heavily and this taxi guy at Sunway made this "black" sit in the same cab as us back to Suriamas. So in the car Bev and I only spoke chinese because we didn't want the "black" to talk to us . We talked alot of things , more like complaining how awful "blacks" are , how we dislike them and all that...then ,"black" was on the phone most of the time too. Somehow when we almost reached Suriamas , which was after his 3rd or 4th phone calls , he spoke chinese to his "black" friend on the phone .

Bev and I was like : "shit! , think he heard us ."

Then , black started talking his native language and laughed with his friends. We thought that he did it on purpose , not that he understands chinese but anyways , after that Bev and I started conversing in French till he left the car , and we started speaking Malay to the taxi driver.

I bet the taxi driver was so confused why we have to speak in so many different languages.

So , you see the main thing here is language do save you at times when you handle this kind of situations , especially when you want to avoid them talking to you and at the same time telling them that " I am not interested " . Its either you speak in some other languages , or you just act dumb like as if you only know 1 language in the whole wide world . Who cares if they said stuffs like "bullshit , i don't believe you" and all that crap or saying that you're stupid in his language that he think you didn't understand. At least you know , they're the one who is stupid .


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