Another day , wish this week won't end .
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

My economics lecturer last year a.k.a my sales and marketing lecturer this year told me something suprising today about my diploma finals result for his paper.

and yea , he find it suprising because I never bother , i mean seriously never care to listen what he say. most of the time I just sat there and dream away .

even my FnB lecturer last term told me that he was suprised when he marked my finals paper for FnB because trials I only got like 15+/20 and he said finals I got 19/20 lol

anyway , i screwed up my management paper today which sucked but still able to pass I think . 16 marks gone with the wind . Ah, who cares.

Law and Sales and Marketing left . Wish this week will not end :(


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