Gained weight week!
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Jolly good , finally have the time to blog .
The line has been really bad for I dont know 4685858 "years".

Been busy catching up with friends , had fun over the weekends and also did my assignments .
One can seriously go crazy having this kind of study life.

4th Aug - Law written report submission day
5th Aug -Management Paper Presentation + Written report submission
10th Aug - French mid-term test & Economics Presentation + Written report submission
11th Aug - English mid term assesment
12th Aug - Management Paper mid term assesment
19th Aug - FnB Presentation and training
20th Aug-Puchasing & Cost Control mid term assesment
24th Aug - French Video Assignment submission + Presentation
25th Aug- English Video Assignment submission + Presentation
26th Aug - Front Office Assignment submission + Presentation + mid term assesment
27th Aug - Puchasing & Cost Control Project Case submission day
1st Sept - Law Musical/Role play presentation day
10th Sept - Purchasing and Cost Control Final Exam
14th Sept - 18th Sept - Final Exams week

& This whole thing is still not complete! Lecturer said they wanted to add more ! Hell killer.

This whole friggin month , no life .

Enough about that , last friday .. Bev & I decided to walk to S.pyramid because we felt like we are lack of exercise & thus we walked to a nearby place for our lunch , Green Olive .

I had curry lamb for lunch , its been a while since I ate lamb so it turned out , the food was quite okay .

The dragonfruit smoothie is nice , taste just right.

Later on we walked to S.Pyramid , and started shopping .

Went Forever21 , tried these on , bought em + 2 dresses .

heart the colours!

At first Bev wanted to cut her hair , but end up she didn't ... then we met up with Daniel , Fad , Sean , Regina & Rachel . (All the sabahans lol ) It was like a Sabahan friends gathering day that day , you'll know why later . Walked a bit then Bev , Daniel and I watched this ..

Bah , we laughed so much throughout the movie . Daniel was like excited seeing so many boo-tee-ful girls in there.. Players , learn your lesson after watching this !

We had waffles after the movie , the chicken floss waffle from Daily fresh tasted so weird!

After movie , Kien Wai fetched us supposedly to meet up with the other bunch again , this time to somewhere for badminton session . End up the courts was all booked , so didn't play then went back to S.Pyramid for dinner .

We headed to Popeyes , because Bev never try them before .

I tried their Chicken Sandwich , it was not bad ... the chicken as usual , was really tender .
Did I mention before , they marinated their chicken 12 hours before cooking? :)

After dinner , we straight went to Honeymoon for desserts .
Its our first time there .
Im suprised and amazed by their menu , so much varieties! Dunno which one to choose , and everything seems so nice .

It is a franchise dessert store actually , IOI mall has one of its outlet too .

We all ordered this ..

My one was the tofu , I forgot whats the name. Tasted like cement!! Its so hard to eat .. Sean almost puked having one spoon of it ! haha its like blended sesame seed mixed with don't know what but it is one of their best selling :S

This picture is so funny .

Then , came Fad , Sean , Kwong Nyen and Terry !

See all the sabahans.. its been a while since I've met them!

Next day , Bev & I headed down to KLCC . We had our lunch at Madam Kwan .

As usual , at Madam Kwan .. I will only order this 2 things!

Nasi Lemak / Beef Rendang . That day I go for Beef Rendang again , and Bev ( her 1st time) tried the nasi lemak .

I really love to see their staffs in the restaurant , every Madam Kwan has fast and efficient staffs.

Then we headed to PC fair , and spent 4 hours there cramming with people . Our first time going to KL's Pc fair ..

Didn't buy much but one thing that I bought that made me really happy was the Altec Lansing speaker .

I was considering to get a new earphone , was comparing between Apple's , Pioneer or Razor .. but in the end I didn't buy any of it because I am undecided + can't try any of it also due to hygienic reason.

The girls at the game hall .

Just some of it , there was a lot more .

Then , headed to Cold Storage to do some product research for our assigment but to no avail .


Headed to Dome for dinner .

It was our first time , really nice ambience.

The foods are okay , the drinks was :)


things we bought

Pictures quality bad after uploaded . Sigh .

What we had at Dome .

At night , was spent out with Loh , Daniel and Bev at Jaafar . Then we went to S.Pyramid and bought our tickets for

Caught this movie the next day , it was really really good! Funny to the max , laughed so much ... not to mention , the ending was really sweet.

I shall watch it again someday .

Became Mary's lunch service guest today . Had Duck as maincourse , short cut pastry as starter and some mango flavoured ice cream alike thingy for dessert .

Bev , K.Wai & I was so full having them .

I've decided to eat oatmeals for dinner this week , due to having too much meaty meals over the weekend , I felt heavy and unhealthy! Not to mention , my weight :S

Time to cook dinner .

Till then xoxo .

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