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Sunday, August 9, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

" She's a somebody . "

I had an awesome time on Friday , was shooting our French Video assignment for 8 hours at ss15 .

But we still have like a lot of shoots to do this coming weekend.

I shall blog about it again when I have all the pictures/videos .

Yesterday was spent at 1utama with Beverley .

We went there just because she needed to get a shirt for a friend.

We had our brunch at Pizza Milano.

Had Pepperoni Pizza , it tasted just nice . The base was just at the right thickness , unlike pizza hut's . I hate thick base pizza , fyi .

Then , we had double scoop ice-cream waffle .

This one tasted good , but still not the best I guess .
Pretty sure there are nicer ones out there.

We walked for quite a bit but there was nothing much to see at 1utama , so we headed to The Curve.

1st things 1st , IKEA! Our favourite place . Haha
Everytime we enter that place , it just gaves us the feeling of having our own home.

The stuffs we bought from IKEA. Imagine carrying this everywhere we go ,
the people kept staring us wherever we go , like wtf .

The open market was there , because it was Saturday! *Happy.
but the variety of things they sell there wasn't as much as before :(

headed to Tesco after that and bought some everyday essentials.

Walked abit in the mall , as usual . Nothing much to see also .

My favourite part about The Curve definately is IKEA , open market and the food street only .

Thus , after our shoppings...headed to Le Gourmet House for dinner .

It was our 1st time there.

Mexican food for dinner.

Apparently , we were the only guests there till after an hour .

The service was beyond good. Full attention was given to us .

We sat there for about 3 hours . In between , the server came to us like 5-6 times checking if things are okay with us.

The owner of the restaurant kept smiling whenever he saw us too . He was a foreigner.

The waiter gave us colouring tools so we can revive our childhood moment again :S haha

Nacho for starters.


Bev's Mushroom pasta . She claimed that it was very spicy . The chilies was chopped into very fine pieces you can't see it . Only when you eat , you'll see red colour sauce base .

My Chicken Sausages pasta . Very filling .
The sausages are the best chicken sausages I've ever had !

The portions of our pastas are really huge , each plate 2 persons can eat.

My ugly drawing due to impatiences & lack of colour pencils :P

We wrote on the comment book too because the waiter asked us to .
That place got lots of good review from people all over the world.

Its worth the try .

But they're moving to Sri Hartamas soon & will be called Pedro House instead of Le Gourmet House.

At night , headed to Jaafar to yumcha because Daniel is leaving us all soon :(

Its black & its white :)

Mine's black .

Till then , time to study . Assesment mode on ! :(


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