Busy Weekends!
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So my weekends started on last thursday evening , and I didn't expect that this week was so busy and packed with awesome meetings with awesome peeps having awesome time because all the plans are rather last minute and I had clashing plans in between which I end up couldn't make it to a few of the meetings but nevertheless , I TRIED my best to be wherever I'm supposed to with all the time I have .

24 Hours is seriously not enough . Trust me .

Last Thursday

During class , Loh texted me to go down with them to KL to meet up with an old classmate , Flo who came back from UK but I can't make it cause I had to go to Leslie's house for dinner which I promised already .

After class which was 5.30pm I straight headed to Leslie's house , bought some ice creams for us to eat . The 3 young ones cooked :) hahahahaha! Leslie cooked , Kelly and Mary was standing beside helping him .

Then after dinner we headed to S.Pyramid and I argued with the P1 people on behalf of Kelly , wasn't satisfied with the answers given..we walked a bit and went to Coffee Bean ( yeah it's been a while) I had mango something it was really good! Then I called the P1 customer service and they said I was right and all , that there was misscomunnication and blah ..and I complaint the person :S well it was a long story , cut it short - Next day as early as 9am , Kelly , Leslie & I went down to Jalan Templer , we are totally not familiar with the place , just because we had to go to Green Packet Hub to terminate the P1 service.

The p1 people pissed me off again so I end up writing a half page A4 complaint letter and the matter was settled after that .

Green Packet Hub office

I friggin hate Jln Templer , it was rather desserted somehow and its so hard to get a cab and my friggin precious watch dropped and it has scratches . Shitness .

Reached back Mentari at 12pm , rested a bit and left home at 12.30pm to Sunway College along with Bev, Kien Wai & Daniel .

Sean met us there .

Had our lunch there because Kien Wai's friend was the manager , and also it was his birthday although we don't know him but yea we got treated to eat his birthday cake .

This was the desserts we had ... its not bad .
Made by their culinary students .

Can compete with Taylor's

Our main course , ALL of us chose to eat Beef Lasagna because their Roast chicken was out of stock and others is like hmm..not attractive enough .

Right picture was the dessert we had at Sunway Pyramid .

My cousin and Denise was waiting for us at S.Pyramid after that with our plans to suprise Bev .

So after lunch at Sunway College , Kien Wai dropped us there and supposedly we will meet again for movies at night .

Denise pranked Bev to Zen coffeehouse to help her pick up something that she left there .

So I also had to act dumb la all the time . haha

Her expression that time when we went into the shop till when she saw the letter and the "Gotcha!" moment was precious . She went Oh my god *laughing for like the next 5 minutes imagine that hahaha

What is inside the envelope . Oh yea we did a card for her too but I didn't take the picture of it!

Then we went to take Neoprints..

This picture is ugly , the real stickers are nice :)

Then , Supposedly I said at night we have plans to watch movies with the other bunch of friends? We end up didn't make it but was asked to go to Marvin's house for bbq dinner with the tourism people .

All of us

partly also to celebrate Bev's birthday by buying her a cake to suprise her .

The next day ,

We went FullHouse for dinner!

Thanks for inviting me over for dinner Leslie :) but I can't make it due to this .

Next time ya ? hehe

We were lost for like 20 minutes before we reached there. Haha.
3 cars turning in circles.

Nevertheless, we had great times with another dessert suprise for Bev.

The Tiramissu moment. The waitress almost ruined our plans!

Anyways ,

Some of the dishes we ordered for our dinner .

The food was just nice , worth the try .

I had the Smoothie Fruities Fish (2nd pic , left )

Some pictures of the foods and the drinks I didn't managed to take

But all was pretty good .

The Hazelnut Mushroom soup was yummy !

Right was my beverage , Vanilla + Longan Sea Coconut+ Blue Curacao ..I LOVE it .

The really cute menu , we brought 2 home !

We love this picture of us .

Cute aye?

After dinner , we headed to Piccadilly.
We had 2 towers of beer and it cost like MYR50 each? Really cheap .

& as usual , shishas .

The night was so young , after Piccadilly ,

we went to Republic .

Had drinks again , danced and thats about it .

After Republic ,

We headed to Jaafar again , for drinks!

Gila la that day drink dunno how many times in friggin few hours . So Bloated !

& we all went home pretty early , 4am .

Cause the next day , they ( Loh , Bev , Daniel , K.Wai , Sean) had to play paintball .

After that , we met up for dinner at 10pm at AC .

and after dinner , off to Jaafar again because they are just so addicted to shisha .

I mean seriously , they shisha like every week , one week friggin 2-4 times .

I bought chocolates and I think few of us are high on sugar , we had " sugasm" haha

talked so loud & laughed so much.

Finally around 12.30 am the guys dropped us off before heading to cyber to play games .

So thats about it , my 3 & a half days of weekends was spent with all my wonderful friends .

Happy Birthday Bev , I love you :)

Hope you had a great , fun and memorable 20th birthday with us .

More awesome pictures of FullHouse @ my FB .

Had KFC at SS15 for lunch and I don't know why I don't feel hungry at all till now .

College is getting more and more hectic each day with assignments !


7 more weeks till I'm going home again . Time really flies when you least want them to .

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