Expectations .
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Finally , I've gotten all the pictures from Quattro night but its all uploaded in my FB photoalbum :)

I'm very sure most of you here already seen the pictures in my album :S

but anyways ,

Last thursday night , I think it was 13 of us went to Quattro because friday is our off day for everyweek!

it was a fun night . great times .

The place was awesome , but not as great as what I've expected it to be .

Us in the winter garden haha

supposedly there is artificial snow but on that day don't have don't know why

Winter Bar was nice , cosy and such ..

The Autumn club .. where everyone hangs out..

The brand of the vodka we ordered , it was really nice .. 40% alcohol though..

Part of the situation that night..haha..more awesome pictures in my fb like I said :S
so go check them out there if you want more :X

and on friday , I went to school to get some things sort out with my cousin . Then later on I joined Denise to accompany Bev to see the doctor..

everyone is getting sick over the weekends .. my class like half of the class is sick right now :X

Get well soon peeps!

Then we headed to a shop , in chinese it was " Have you eaten? " I think..

Denise claimed that their pan mien is nice so we gave it a try ..

Dry ones

and the wet ones...indeed it was not bad..something new and saw the brown thingy on top?
It is actually fried fish cakes , very nice!

Then we headed to IOI mall for a walk .

The next day I was supposed to go to Pulau Ketam , but I didn't go because I had to go to the post office .

So my cousin and I headed to S.Pyramid to do our stuffs..

I craved for Popeyes again since the last time I had them in SG..
but honestly , still SG one is the best.

The chicken in Popeyes was marinated for 12 hours and that is why it is so tender.
But the biscuits was too soft compared to the ones I had in SG..it breaks off easily it aint nice .

I think Popeye in S.pyramid is the first in Malaysia? Not quite sure.

Then we caught 2 movies , my cousin watched Obsessed and told me the stories and I made her watch it with me again another time.. haha..

I hate Ali Larter in the movie , I don't know why.

But the storyline was just , kinda normal to me.

and then we watched Harry Potter too..

I was excited at first till towards the end , It was rather dissapointing ...

perhaps my expectation was too high since everyone said its nice and all before I watched it .

Some parts are funny though , especially about the love portion LOL .

So thats about it , another weekend is over..

time to do my industrial training application thing :)

Till then .


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