20th Birthday .
Wednesday, June 17, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

It was my 20th birthday yesterday .
Thanks to everyone who bombarded my Facebook , Cellphone , MSN , Twitter and Blog wishing me happy birthday and best of lucks for my exams .

Think there was about 70 greetings from everywhere
Really appreciate all the greetings :)

Last year I had a memorable birthday celebration with my parents back at home at Bella Italia , and a wonderful dinner at @tmosphere with my ex .

This year , I'm back at KL having exams . Time flies indeed , I will have one more exam tommorow and I'm done.

Yesterday's practical I didn't really do well , was too nervous and I got upset about it but in the end , I'm just glad that it is over now .

Anyways , after practical , we suprised Mr Alex with a birthday cake because today is his birthday . It was Mr Gopi and Mr Patrick's idea .

So during our last briefing after exam , we sang him happy birthday song .

& in return Mr Gopi was like I remembered there is a girl's birthday today . Then my classmates are like calling out my name , and there goes ... all the juries about 8 of them , few external ones which I don't know whom one of them is a french lady and all my classmates about 14 of them that took their exam at the same time as me sang me happy birthday song too . Mr Patrick even asked me to share Mr Alex's cake , I was so :S paiseh .

But , if you guys are reading this which I'm sure some of you do , I just want to say thank you so much :)
DH28 , for being part of my many memories especially these last few months . Will really miss you all .

Then , I came home after serving class which was about 10.30pm. Supposedly text Denise that I'm going home because she wanted to "take me out to mamak" after my serving because "not full eating the chicken from the dinner service" .

Well , end up they planned a suprised party for me but I end up suprising them back :P haha
because I forgot to text her till I reached my room door and I heard sound from inside my room , and I saw Denise's slipper outside haha

End up I opened the door and suprised them back :P

Look what they did!

Cut the words and pasted on my room wall :S

I'm still in my uniform :P pathetic haha

Love you girls , Thanks for the suprises!

My present from Denise & Bev , a new Navel ring :)
love it.

Found this pic in Denise's camera , they both make up my bed!

like hotel :S haha

& denise actually sort out some of my clothes :P

Bev somehow tidied up a bit of my desk , but I guess they're not in time :P haha

My cousin got me a cheesecake , she lied to me in the afternoon when I asked her where is she going , she said "print notes " end up , buying me birthday cake .
Thanks cousiee :)

Saw the white wrapped up thing?
They bought me my dinner too , a burger because they knew I haven't eaten anything and only will eat after I get home , as usual .

Online replying birthday wishes haha ...

It's the little thoughts that count and its a blessing to have you people in my life .

And once again , I just want to say



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