Wonderful weekend.
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Oh wow finally I have time to blog!

I've been really busy having fun and catching up with people .

GOOD NEWS is I've graduated last saturday with the mention , Very Honourable Pass .

I've had fun with a lot of people over the weekends .

I've gone back to Lokyuk alone after 2 years . I felt so alien there .

Am currently back at KK after 6 months on Fathers Day .

Oh its great to finally met my grandma again yesterday .

So I shall blog with pictures right now.

Last friday night , after we went to school to check the list of pass students , we went to Shogun for the E.R.M's ( Elaine , Ray , Marvin ) party , there was 17 of us .

Mainly tourism student & my term 5 french lecturer was there too .

All of us .

Our money for the bill haha

Didn't take much of food pictures there , imma just post one here haha

Few of our ss pictures...

Then off about 20+ of us went to Republic ...

Few of the pictures of that night , we had so much fun! All of us went down to the dance floor...
great fun times .

Daniel ordered flaming lambo for me , I asked like 4 others to drink with me haha when we're about to start suddenly the glass collapsed...the flame was like everywhere...thank god we managed to escape .

The shattered glass pieces on the floor .

Then Saturday morning it was our result annoucement day .

The first thing the french expert asked me when she saw me was " feeling better? " haha

She saw me nervous for 3 times during the exams! She was my jury for 3 times , kinda unlucky to have so many internal and external juries + french expert during your exams but it was a nice experience .

Then I went home packed and off to Bubba Gump dinner with Denise & Christina .

My mango lada , tasted really good .

This was my fish & chips , its nice but its better if the fishes are chicken ...due to the way they cooked it ...

Our dinner!

After dinner we walked a bit and out of the blue Christina asked whether we want to go to Sky Bar...

& off we went . Met new friend , Jia Yow who is also a sailor , he fetched us there .

We don't know the route so we depended on GPS all the way down .

KLCC view from the place we sat .

So I've seen the view of KK from 18th floor of Tun Menara Mustapha @tmosphere , view of SG from 70th floor @ City Space and view of KL from 33rd floor of Traders Hotel's Sky Bar .

Sleepy eyes , didn't sleep enough for few days . LOL

Candid shot of me by Jia Yow .

The swimming pool is beautiful .

owh , and guests are not supposed to wear slippers , sandals , short pants , singlets to this place but I broke all the rules hahaha! took the picture of me & the stand but I'm not gonna post it :P

well very obvious the target market of this place is the working people who dress smart casually.

That night I stayed over at Denise's place .

& I came back sabah the next day , which is Sunday & also Father's Day..
Got this watch as present from my parents . Love it!

Been longing for a new watch for a while now but never actually went to search for it and coincidencely my parents got me a watch for my birthday .

Thank you daddy & mummy .
& more pressies from Loh , Daniel , Rebekah , Siosen , Bev & Denise..

Thank you peeps!

Then at night , was supposed to head to Promenade for buffet dinner but that place is overbooked and the time frame they gave us was like 8pm..too late so my parents & I headed to 1Borneo's Manhattan Fish Market .

Heart the mussels! Very creamy & the sauce is superb .

We ordered grilled lobster platter or was it seafood platter, I forgot but anyway ,

The lobster is total love!! damn nice la the sauce really goes well with the lobster meat .

RM100 for this is worth it .

Shopped at Roxy after that .

The next day , I headed back to Lokyuk to get my SPM cert & found out one of my subject wasn't stated in my certificate , but who cares .

Shopped at G2000 again after that and then at night , I'm off to Damai's Room25 with Bev , Justin , Esther and a new friend Alex .

I looked weird!

& we met Sean , Shum , Daryl , Benedict , Jonathan Hilary there.

That basically sums up my weekends.

Nice catching up with people again .

f.y.i : More , and I meant a lot more pictures on my facebook :) so if you want the pictures go check it out .

Time to go out again . Tata .

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