Sometimes , you just got to let it go .
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This posts is supposed to be up 2 days ago , I wasn't unable to complete posting it because I was just too busy :P

Ya right , too busy .

Busy with attending friend's photo exhibition and serving .

Busy with report submission.

Busy with practical classes.

Busy with whatever it is .

2 nights ago , went out with the guys again to AC , like 3 times in 2 days! .. =X
and to a mamak for another drinking session , got home at 2+am .

Enjoying shisha and sipping coconuts , hahaha

Kien Wai teaching Loh how to and Daniel watching...

On last tuesday , our class ... about 19 /30 of us... wore full black to class...haha..

Emo day for us :P Term 6 is killing us .

Lecturers was asking us , what happened to us , turning all blacks . Haha

Few of us before management paper revision class ...

Kasen , Bebe , Bev , Siosen , Moi , Fandi , Voon Lee , Lily , Lingges

Haha , siosen with her fake Apple laptop =P

That night , had dinner with the tourism students at AC...

Christina was so cute lol

Ray , Siosen et Moi

Christina , Bev , Denise , Marvin

Yea , we're with "stupid " haha

Ray , Siosen , cousin Janice et Moi

2 Besties =P haha

Bev is in love with her 2 Boyfriends .
Haha , Marvin is Starbuck's supporter Bev! He's your dad's rival hahaha.

Then , we headed to O circle . Supposedly for a drink , but we changed our mind and went to Borneo Rainforest instead . I brought them there =)

Really had fun that night but sad to say after reaching home we had to continue doing our training report because it was due for submission the next day and all of us only continue doing it when we got home at 12am .

Last Sunday was spent going out with my 2 cousins , Joanne & Janice + Bev .

We had light brunch because we are not that hungry , had this .

It was good , seriously . You guys should try .
I like the Green Tea Egg Tart and Salted Egg biscuit .

We headed to Snowy for drinks .
It's nice and healthy , better than drinking the powder pearl drinks .

And for dinner we headed to ,

Ok don't say I didn't warn you .

If you're hungry . Stop reading :p

Cheese Bacon pasta , cousin's dinner .

Forgot whats it called , but it tasted like Arabietta definately , spicy ...

Bev's club sandwich ...

and my fillet fish + 3 types of cheeses pasta

This shop is still new . Just opened months ago and it is famous for its fries . Imported from Belgium . The fries is sweet and you get to choose the few choices of sauces they have there to go with it . As for the other a la carte food , it was pretty good . Simple and nice .

That night , we watched He's just not that into you .

Very nice movie . Apart from those wierd people talking in between the captions that is .

Will definately watch it again :)

So thats about it for today , time to do something else . Time is so limited!

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