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Monday, April 27, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

My life has been pretty normal lately .
Used my time to finished up my assignments , went out with the usuals + 3 new KDU girls ( Jayne , Carmen and Cathy ) , watched movies ( ya , tons of movies waiting for me to watch and I just don't bother to open them until now ) , Skyping , go to school and playing Restaurant City on Facebook :P

As I'm typing this , I'm going to be in lvl 11 in 5 mins . =x

I'm so suprised to see so many people from my class is playing it , FnB students haha .. even the tourism students said that learnt a lot about FnB haha .

Had camwhoring session during class again today .

Tommorow's classes are postponed to another day due to lecturers having something up . Entire school that is . Wednesday's too , but as usual , wednesday no class . Thursday class starts only at 2pm , Friday no class again :) yays .

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