Term 5
Saturday, March 21, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Wow , so it's almost the end of Term 5 already .

Next week is finals =(

Tough . tough . tough .

It hit us hard that in 3 months time , we'll be graduating from Diploma.

How fast time flies .

Today , I was assigned to be commis for the Term 6 seniors , boy seeing them doing all the examinations in few different stages really freaked us out .

Its not easy at all , and the whole situation was so tensed .

The moment we entered the restaurant at 3pm until 9pm we felt like we're taking the examination instead of them... lucky for us we get to leave early after they served the main course.

The servers was all sweating during the service , and as usual panicked .

Whats worst , there was 6 juries in the whole restaurants + 2 observer juries + us 8 commis and 70+ pax of guests .

I can't imagine I'll have to go through that same stressful period in just 12 weeks time .

Sigh .

Went to Asia Cafe after that to eat dinner / supper . Then head again to Sunway Pyramid for shisha and then to another mamak next to it for shisha .

Finals is next monday and wednesday , Good luck to all that is reading my blog . :)

Study well over the weekend people , 4 more papers and off for holidays !

During lunch time today , with Ms Sandrine , Our term 5 french lecturer .

Bev , Denise , GG , Marvin , Sio Sen et Moi .

Not to mention , Today I did charity again & it feels good . :)

Time for bed . ciao .


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