4 M's day out .
Thursday, March 19, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Since this is like the final week before final exams , lots of classes was cancelled because we've learnt everything , so basically class starts late everyday and ends super early ,
or we'll just pissed our english lecturer off so we can go home early lol.

So I shall blog since class starts at 2pm and ends at 3pm today.. =D

Yesterday after Law class we were supposed to have Food and Beverage classes from 2pm till 11pm...but we're going to be commis on friday night so classes are cancelled...

So I went to SP with the girls , to shop for our FnB lecturer's present and we got them 2 Parker pens and 2 photo frames...

Then we took Neoprints...
yea damn fun screaming and shouting...

and took this syiok sendiri pictures inside the toilet

Bev , Rebekah , Sio Sen & I

It was fun hanging out with these girls again , it has been a while , just the 4 of us .

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