Final exam .
Monday, March 23, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Last night , Bev and Denise came over to my house at 11pm to study .

After 10 mins , Marvin and Christina came .

Unexpectedly .

After 5mins , GG and Siosen came .

Unexpectedly .

After 2 minutes ,

Junyip and his friend came and knocked my house door .

Scared me .

The more the merrier . My room was so packed last night with nerds =P hahaha

Final exam is on today .

As expected , English ... blah I really hate english now , but I guess I still managed to do the paper .

As for Law ,

I AM SO HAPPY , IT WAS WHAT I'VE EXPECTED ...finished that paper 1 hour earlier , 90% can do the paper , 10% whether the answers are accurate enough to the lecturer ... so I'll leave that for now .

Next paper will be on Wednesday ,

French and Financial Maths and Analysis . GAH hate it .

Going over to Bev's for a little pizza dinner later .

Gotta rest my tired mind for now .



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