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Owh , before I start with the awesome dinner I had last night ,
French paper wasn't easy yesterday .
Financial Maths and Analysis?
After that 2 hours paper , everyone is either , shouting , debating , screaming , want to jump building , complaining ...etc you get what I mean .

Its freaking hard , and not enough time to do okay!

Screw it. Really got my mood down and the papers ended at 5.30pm.

Farewell to term 5 . I hope.

So, as planned , went to Bubba Gump for dinner at 8+pm after I sent my laundries to the laundry.

was already starving because of exam , whole day only survived with one pau because no appetite to eat .

but ,

last night's dinner was superb , I enjoyed my time there and it definately made me happy .

so , Pictures time .

This restaurant has a really good concept , based on the movie Forrest Gump ...

We ordered 3 mocktails , while waiting for our table . It was full house .

They don't look like alcoholic drinks don't they? haha..

The blue one was what the bartender recommended .

Blue Mama Hawaiian , consist of 5 different types of spirits ... including Vodka , Dekeyner , and Blue Curacao .

It was what I ordered . Denise's one tasted like , pineapple + vodka and I dunno what haha..

Bev's is vodka + cherries + coffee + chocolate chips... a hell lot more

Everything was good , we had to drink everyone's share hahaha and got lil tipsy after that.

Denise's fish and chips , I like the way they display their food ...and the fish fillet was awesome can beat Fish & Co anytime .

Bev & I ordered the same thing , its chicken + mashed potatoes + shrimps + herbs .
Every bite is worth it i tell you . hah .

See the glass so huge!

Their Beverage menu , very creative idea seriously .

During dinner , theres this table who is having a birthday celebration , so like TGIF and Fish and Co style , they had this team of servers singing for the birthday people .

The manager kept asking us if anybody birthday in our table , we said no . and he kept telling the servers got haha .. then all of them keep staring as us thinking to give us suprises. =S

Then , I kept saying don't have la , then he just laughed and walked off .

When we went off to the souvenior shops , we had great time chit chatting with the people there . The manager came again to joke with us and sang happy birthday song haha funny .

Then , the restaurant managers are being so nice and friendly to us , asked us hows the food and such ... this is the restaurant that I would say , Perfect in a way . The servers are all so attentive , and of course young students like us ... most of them are from Sunway University and Taylors? but I don't see familiar faces yet .

Food speed wise , eventhough full house they still managed to serve us good food within the 15 mins timeframe . Perfecto?

I really like that place , homely feeling and such . They're really good .

btw , pictures are all taken with HP , I forgot to bring my camera's battery haha... was charging it but I left it because I was rushing out .

After dinner , the shops are already closing . I wanted to go Crocs to get myself a nice flats before going for my vacation because I didn't want to carry so much stuffs with me , but end up , they don't have what I wanted so perhaps when I reached there then I get it .

Oh yes , I'm going to Singapore for 10 days all by myself .

Got my plans well planned .

Saturday at Sentosa Island + Cafe Del Mar . can't wait .

Earth hour at Cafe Del Mar will be so , romantic?

but they sent me this stating that there will be a 12 hour beach party there , so I don't know what to expect anymore but definately hope it'll be good .

Monday appointment for eyebrow tweezing session .

Thursday , will be doing my spa and massage session .

Can't wait .

Tonight will be having steamboat dinner with Mr Patrick Daya and I dunno how many others from my class .

Then , drinking plans before I leave , perhaps might meet Jude tonight , after so so so long .

Ok . Time to cook , eat and pack .

Cheers .

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