Twist of luck?
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Happy Chinese New Year 2009 people!

This year's chinese new year is a boring one for me . Indeed . Well , its expected already but I don't know .. there's just a lot of unexpected happenings yesterday?

I'm wondering if I'm lucky now or what?

Firstly , I went to Sunway pyramid yesterday...had my brunch at Old town because all of the restaurants are close! =S...well I ate alot , ate until I'm bloated .

Next thing , went and bought ticket for Bride Wars . The queue was so omg , and I had to take the couple seat =S weird but yeah , its comfortable. anyways , the movie was absolutely nice. hehe.. I teared during the movie , I don't know why but I watched them , got emo and haha yah...I teared during the sad times ... anyways Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudsons are so funny and their weddings are simple yet nice =)

Went to shop for boxes and ribbons , and random people just came up to me and ask me why am I not celebrating CNY and stuffs , I hate it when they ask . =S

After I got the tickets , I went to JCO donuts to kill my 3 hours . Sitting there , just chit-chatting and I don't know I guess its my lucky day yesterday...I ordered just a drink and the fella gave me free donut for dunno whatever reason .

After movie , I went Asian Avenue and tried out this porridge shop ... I guess its my lucky day for food..the shop owner , gave me free ma kiok and red bean paste fried bun i think thats what you called it ... he said since its my first time there and his shop just opened like 2 weeks ago.. and its CNY ... he gave me free food . I'm like.. okay thats weird...because of all the guests that came he only gave me ... then the young boss started introducing himself to me and telling me the history and how is his business going on and stuffs..Mr Andrew Choo , I decided I should help you to promote your shop . =) your porridge is nice , so are the other foods that you stuffed me with hehee ! & yet again , you asked me why didn't I go back for chinese new year .

My pork porridge ...

Ma Kiok and Red Bean Paste thingy , he gave me alot! this are leftovers =P

Look out for this shop , if you want to have porridge in sunway has a few varieties there ... got fish , frog , chicken , pork..porridges =)

After that , I was super bloated I felt like puking when I'm doing my grocery shoppings at Jusco. then again , after shopping I went home...and another random person met me in the lift and asked me , why am I not celebrating CNY? *wondering why all the malay people like to ask?

I came home was super tired , and then I came online...and tadaa .. mum called , talked on the phone for quite sometime ... then chatted with sis online..and a phone call from guy 1 ... talk about some past stuffs , then made me cry. Can laugh somemore , so happy ah now make people cry during CNY? =S

Then finally , showered then online . Chatted with guy 2 and amazingly , talked about the sponsorship thing for food promotion .. he said he will sponsor rm500 personally =)) AND also to help me get sponsorship from Hyatt : ) *now crossing my finger that it will really happen . I was like so happy I couldn't sleep well last night , and also thinking that the sudden change in my life kinda made me feel scared .

Anyways , I woke up and cooked oatmeal again for brunch . Then , I got so bored I decided to clean my room , I mopped the floor ... washed the toilet ... scrubbed and washed the entire kitchen floor .. did some wiping...throw some rubbish..and most importantly , I scrubbed and washed the entire "washing machine" room ..and cleared the cat's litter box which made me almost puke in 3 hours +...

Im glad now these places are a better place to live in now , apart from that I'm pissed at 2 people for not doing anything . Asked them to wash their own dishes also complain . Throw their rubbish also complain. WTH dota and watch movie thats is your only life ah? like as if the house only me alone staying . I even had to help you all clean your mess in the kitchen . I'm the youngest at home somemore , hello?! and whats worst? after I cleaned the toilet , you went in and smoked inside! THE WHOLE TOILET SMELLS LIKE CIGARETTE AND YET YOU DIRTIED THE FLOOR AGAIN WITH YOUR STUPID CIGARETTE ASHES ! CURSE YOU MAN!

Later instead of cooking dinner for myself , cooking for you people again le ... ask you all go buy grocery with me and I come out money also complain . No need to eat ah now ? keep telling me hungry yet don't want to move your asses . Buy cigarette and eat only la . Sick people have to take care of you all again . WTH .


People lie, people hide
People cry, people fight
And they don't know why
If fear is all that we should fear
Then what are we so afraid of?
'Cause fear is only in our heads

Any day I'll come back thinking that if one is against me
And the world wants to fight me
Preparing to battle an enemy unseen
During my stressing I'm blinded to the lessons
That could be a blessing if I'd be confessing
They're the enemy
I'm trying to be as hard as in me

Keeping my pride, don't go
So many reasons to be happy
It's my life, it's my world
That it's okay now

Because ,

Got my dreams, got my life, got my love
Got my friends, got the sunshine above
Why am I making this hard on myself
When there's so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy?

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