Loving my friends .
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Friends are wonderful people , don't you think so ?

Well , not ALL of them though , only SOME... because I've been betrayed quite a few times already so yeah , I really appreciate my friends that are still always there for me whenever I needed them .

This post is going to be about all my wonderful friends =)

Wonderful people in this picture : Denise , Loh & Daniel

Well , yesterday they took me out to relax when I'm not supposed to due to chicken pox , I'm actually supposed to quarantine myself for at least 2 weeks haha !

We went Sunway Pyramid - then One Utama to meet Loh - then to Loh's Crib - The Curve for dinner - Back to Sunway Pyramid for medical check up & then for a drink at Rainforest Bar ...

Denise and Daniel ...

Loh , this big guy here ... hahah is a very "good" brother , always kena bully by me..=P

We went to the apartment for dinner , its been a while since I last went there ... and all of them is their first time there...

Us =)

Denise's dinner...some steak burger ..

Mine was Peach Chicken supposedly with walnut sauce but I can't take nuts now so no nut sauce , accompanied with mashed potato .. its a bit dissapointing because I love this dish but it doesnt taste as nice without the walnut sauce =(

Loh and Daniel's dinner , they ordered the same food ... some burger .. n the portion was really huge..
Random pic of Denise & I

Dan's face , showing his "take pic" the rock pose..lol..

Ok , so I owe this big guy here a big favour , thanks kor for making my plans work hehe! =)
I know I'm thin already =S

After dinner , I went to try withdraw cash again and then my card got problem ... tried in 5 atms machine all can't withdraw ... now surviving with only rm200 in my wallet...die la..=x

My dad can't change my airticket , due to the time limit ... so .. the airasia people suggested that IF I want to fly back I have get a medical letter ... so I went to consult another doctor , the doctor refused to give me the letter instead asking me to lock myself in the room and told me what a pity and poor thing am I ... I HATE HIM he made me almost cry in the clinic with all his touchy words...LOL..

but then he's good hehe...I like talking to him...well , he kinda told me that I had gastrics because I told him that I had chest pains and back aches and I'm suprised that I didn't know..he was like "girl stop your medicines! you had too much !" then I'm like .. Heh? If I can ..then he gave me another medicine , antibiotic..and adviced me only to take it when I really need them =S...

then he's like.. no smoking , drinking blah blah...then he paused...AND WHY ARE YOU OUT? hahaha...supposed to be at home..

I'm like..I'm bored at home..hahahah..I had to go out..to do something..and he's like I know how you feel..haha..

even worst , he asked me to consult him again after my 2 weeks mc , saying I might need extra mcs after the check up =SSS


Anyways , on thursday night...

My new companion , for a week only Stripey the cat ... this cat really loves attention !!! I don't really like cats ... so why do I have a cat ? It's Kelvin's , asking me to take care of it for a week since he's going home for chinese new year ...taking care of this cat is a challenge for me!

Wonderful people : Janvier , for helping me to restock my water supply ...
Janice , for helping me to print out my reports and hand it to Beverley
Kelvin , for dropping by on thursday night to pass me your cat and bought
me dinner..at least no oatmeal for that night =P
Beverley, for helping me to pass up my reports , telling me whats happening
in school , dropping by buying me so many food stuffs whenever I'm sick!
Denise , for buying me so many food stuffs whenever I'm sick ... the most
loveliest thing you did was cooking me dinner (twice) when I'm sick...


You people know I don't expect all these from you people everytime I'm sick , I love you guys to the max for the things you guys did ...

The sisters =)



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