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I hate you so much now cous . Have you lost your mind? I should have just gave you a piece of my mind just now considering that You're so damn f***king rude .


I was really mad this morning . The situation was , someone borrowed something from me last night , when I'm sleeping okay , not when I'm not ... started shouting and knocking my room door eventhough I'm sleeping , I heard you but I'm not going to open the door because you suck . You only ask when I'm sleeping you know how hard is it for me to get to sleep and yet you still knock on my door ?

This morning I am still sleeping and yet you started with your sucky attitude knocking at my room door and started shouting outside my door like even a half dead sleeping girl like me can hear you lah okay , I still don't want to open the door .

Yet because my door is not lock , you opened my room door thinking to come in .Invasion of privacy ah now?

So then I tolerated you , I woke up , without a word gave you the damn iron and yet you looked at me and said : Go back to sleep la you ! WTF is wrong with you man .

Rudeness . Its my things , If you want to borrow tell me earlier , don't go message me in the middle of the night , or come to me when I'm sleeping . I seriously hate this .

.... I'm hungry and tired . Till then , time to do my homework .


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