Tiring Day .
Tuesday, January 13, 2009 // 0 comment(s)


okay now I'm so lost . I can feel all the pressure and stress is taking over me ! Whats worst? Its only the 2nd week!

Checked my email just now and Mr Tay Boon requested us to hand up our first draft of Industrial training on the 19th of Jan omg omg omg? and that is also the day we will start selling tickets for the food promotion - Made with Love .

Had another meeting just now , more like using up extra time ( because our english lecturer was pissed off because most of them is not listening to her boring class ) and she decided to the leave the class . So as usual , stayed back and talked more about the food promotion and end up going home an hour late . Thought of printing some documents yet the weather is so cloudy and it seems like its going to rain ... headed home , and yet it didn't rain .

Continued my sponsorship targetting things and so far I've 2 people to sponsor us , ( talked to like 3 of them ) individually la , but company one will only start calling tommorow . =S Anybody is kind enough to sponsor? Any amount will do ... and in return we will do something , a publicity and things like that . Talk to your parents especially those with companies and help us out! hahahaha =P We will give out proposals and letters definately if you guys agree to sponsor . =)

Studied abit about mocktails as I'm having another mocktail test ( weekly ) tommorow , and also the class I hate the most , Serving . Did the menu research for tommorow , and guess what? It seems like tommorow is going to be a tomato feast day , starter and main course both got tomato ... LOL.. reminds me of Gazpacho =S

somehow looking forward to tomorrow's Law class , felt like I'm in mooting again .

anyways , I'm feeling a bit abnormal . I don't know why am I worried for something that I'm not supposed to . I always do . Even now . I have every reasons to hate that something but yet , I'm worried for that thing . Why am I feeling this way ? Sigh .

Freaking Maxis internet line is still unstable , keep disconnecting , I can't even online peacefully . Screw you Maxis .

For now , I guess I'll better go do something else , Time is so precious .


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