Fire .
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

New post after so long .

New skins , but I'm not satisfy with it ... my cbox just won't show up =(( will fix it again when I have time .

Today is really an interesting day at school . My school is on fire!

Hahaha well , non... just the carpark .

The school was really packed with people outside the building in just I dunno how many minutes , because I was at the 9th floor having Food Science Class and all of the sudden we heard the siren ... nobody bother to care what is it thinking its just somebody did something to the fire drill or watever ...all of the sudden the siren rang 3 times non stop in 15 mins and next thing we know 3 lecturers ran into our classroom and shouted at all of us to pack our stuffs and leave the classroom fast...everyone was rushing to the staircase and then the human jam situation happened because every floor got people going down...and theres so many people taking pictures and all around the school ...

in 5 mins I was down there with my fellow classmates , schoolmates , lecturers ...basically the whole entire school people ( about few thousand people ) outside wondering what happened and all we heard is the carpark is on fire...5 mins later the firemen came...smokes all over and blah ... I don't know what happened...I went home because school is just next to my house .

I thought of blogging more about the pasts , but I gotta go and start revising my French now , having French assesment tommorow . Wish me luck .


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