A day with full taste of Korean Street Food !
Sunday, September 7, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

Its the weekend and yesterday boyfriend & I went to The Curve to walk around and spend time together...since it was raining we didn't get to do much there but we did went to have a nice lunch at The Apartment restaurant...We both tried something new there... walked around the malls and see all the stalls at the streets area ... was walking under the rain and it kinda spoilt the mood of going there ... and mind you , cab fare to The Curve itself from my place is like MYR55 minimum back and fro...so after that we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid for dinner since it was still early and we don't have anything else to do at The Curve...at Sunway Pyramid we had Korean Streets Food for dinner because both of us wasn't that hungry and the food was really good ... and very filling =X we went there again today for tea time and ordered the few same dishes we ate and the waitress was like suprised and happy to see us going back there lol...

Pictures time..

Lunch time @ The Apartments 

I tried Green Curry Chicken with Rice , you can have your choice to eat it with rice / bread...it was good , the spices is very rich in taste ...I thought it looked like wasabi paste in fact , and it's not spicy at all .

Boyfriend tried this new dish , its chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables...SUPER DELICIOUS DISH! A MUST TRY! the sauce is very very nice and we asked for extra sauce...the chicken meat was super tender...and it is very filling

The Korean Street Food Shop at Sunway Pyramid..

Old style korean lunch box ...I thought it was cute so I ordered it...=D look inside! its just rice with fried egg , sausages and tuna kimchi...gawd I still dislike kimchi!

This pancake is one of the dish they recommend ... its nice ... comes with chilies , vege & squid ...its not spicy at all =X

This is a must try! Super delicious bulgogi with barbeque sauce + mustard .

Super spicy fried chicken + mustard ... can sweat eating this.

Stone pot Mixed Rice , contains carrots , mushrooms and bulgogi ...very simple yet very filling combination ... very healthy somemore...

Kimchi and bulgogi rice balls ..

Normal bulgogi riceballs , the vegetable on top is organic vegetable...

You guys should go and try out that shop , its located at Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid .

Gawd Im craving for more chicken & bulgogi now =(


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