Token of Appreciation .
Saturday, March 8, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

I'm sick for the past few days ... Food Poisoning =X Been sleeping alot lately , became super ubberly blur and lost track of time LOL... it happened last wednesday night after I came back from school's fine dining , I was all good and all ... until I reached home I started all the puking and shitting =S can't count how many times I ran to the toilet that night up with fever and headache after all the vomiting ... but I'm feeling much better now I guess...

Despite being sick , I didn't make it for the english mid-term examination , hope I can get replacement on that some time next week but dunno when =S ... good thing I managed to survive for like 10 mins more after my visit to the doctor doing Front office Practical exam and I got 29/30 ... I was having this really major migrain I thought I was going to faint half way walking home =S

Thanks to Beverley for stopping by just to give me the fruits and drinks =)) , and Denise for coming over just to cook porridge for me ... its nice =)) for those who've asked about me ... thanks for your concern =)) and to that special someone for everything you've done =)!

May GOD bless you all !

Love you people alot!


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