Friday, February 29, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

I have so many things going on my mind now ...

1) Industrial Training Application(1st choice at Nexus Karambunai , application was unsucessful due to only wanting Goverment school student , still waiting for other placement .)(Before 1st April Starts)
2) Rent House( Renting from who , staying with who , arrangements & preparations before going for industrial training , rental payments etc etc...)(Working on it )
3)1st Year End Exams (27th March -29th March)
4)English Assignment due next Tuesday (4th March)
5) 2nd Year Specialization choice (Made my decision)

With all these going on my mind now , there goes my stressful days =X
I even get chest pains and gastric because of all this stress . Sigh .

God , Im praying that everything will be fine . Amen .


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