Enjoying my holidays !
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So previously I was supposed to blog about the day Denise , my cousin and I went out for shopping .But , its like about a week already and since Denise blogged about it already I don't see any point of repeating what she has blogged because the images what what I'm going to say is definately the same =D

Im back in kk for a week because I'm having my short term break and I'm enjoying every single moment when I'm back here . Been eating and meeting friends a lot lately . I get to eat the things I didn't get to eat back when I was in KL ... and honestly I really don't like KL food ... so I'm happy to eat KK food again =DD Thanks to my parents and Jeremy =)

25th of September was Mid - Autumn Festival ... Happy Belated Mid - Autumn Festival to all =P Hahaha , up to this morning I still had Mooncake for breakfast...Nowadays mooncakes are so sweet sometimes I find it very hard to swallow ... no idea why but I guess I'm just not the kind that fancy too sweet things =D Yea people don't talk about chocolate =D I DO LOVE chocolates . But preferably Bitter ones . Chocolate rawkss! =)

Oh yeah , I straightened my hair . It feels so light now and I don't have to always tie my hair again . I miss my straight hair a lot hahaha =) Many people said now I look different again , like they missed my straight hair so damn much <33 lol

Been out shopping like 3 times this week ... spent about MYR 200+ on my new clothes and I'm loving all of it =) Shopped at Giordano and U2 Blu...and got a pair of new sneakers from Nike which cost another MYR 230 but I got it for MYR 199 after discount =D To top up everything I spent more than MYR 500 for everything I've eaten and bought this week which means I won't be getting any allowance from my mum anymore ... =XX But it's alright I still have my dad's allowance to support me =DD

Oh and yeah I have forgotten , I've booked my ticket for this coming december holidays. It will be a longer holidays compared to the ones I have now ... 15th December till 1st of January =S I know , I know ... not as long as the holidays some of you have right like 3 months and all ... but this period will mean a lot to me because since starting college life in this school I can't expect for long holidays like I used to have before...so what to do ...just gotta learn to get use to it and enjoy my holidays to the fullest . Oh , Shaun will be coming over to KK on the 15th of December also...but he will reach earlier than me ... like finally get to meet him , after all this while he was at New Zealand and now he's the one going to reach KK before me..hahahahah! Before that he will be spending his holidays at Miri =D Not to forget Ivan will be around KK by that time too! Finally can fly back all the way from New Zealand again =)) then he will fly to KL and Singapore..so Ivan if u're reading this , when I'm back we must meet kay hahaha...it's like 2 years since I've last met you?

Went out with Jeremy yesterday to buy some stuffs again yesterday... and later that we got so tired of walking we decided to stop by Fish and Co and have our dinner there . It was 5pm so I was telling him that it's too early to have our dinner but we both felt like eating something so we ordered a set of Fish and Chips and a plate of fried Calamari ... together with an Ice Blended Passion Fruit ... and oh boy it was so huge and we took an hour and a half to finish everything hahahahaha...loving the food there .

Jeremy , I miss Taufu Pig a.k.a poring lookalike ! =D

The Fish and Chips we ate ... I love the freshness and softness of the fist fillet ... and we both love the french fries !

Fried Calamari with Tartar sauce = Best combination !

Ice Blended Passion Fruit Juice we had ... the glass was really huge !

More updates later , I hope . =)


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